Water Treatment PlantLake Superior water is taken into the City's Water Treatment Plant, treated, filtered, and delivered to the customers.

Lake Superior Water Quality:
P.H. average of 7.5
Hardness = 3 grains (very soft)

Water Treatment Request for Proposals questions:
Did the City want a general listing of fees with hourly rates for varying staff, or did the City want a project specific fee for the total engineering costs complete the work described for Two Harbors?
The City would like the engineering cost to complete the project including review, bidding and administration, and construction engineering. In addition, we would like rate schedule for engineering fees and services.

2005 average usage was 571,873 gallons/day

2005 average usage per person was 116 gallons/day

Hours of operation - The Plant is staffed 24 hours a day.

Contact us - (218) 834-8814